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Drawing from beauty rituals around the world

Drawing from beauty rituals around the world

From the kitchens and courtyards of women in various countries come the all-natural products of Global Beauty Secrets

Aishwarya Swarna Nir, a second-generation businesswoman, talks of the evolution of her new personal care brand Global Beauty Secrets that she launched in 2018. A former journalist, and a postgraduate from XLRI Jamshedpur, she joined the family’s pharmaceutical and life sciences business before she branched off into her own venture. Here are excerpts from her exclusive interview with LuxuryWellness:

What is the concept of your brand Global Beauty Secrets?

Global Beauty Secrets, a premium personal care brand, is a celebration of the collective wisdom of women across the world. We are infusing the latest scientific knowledge, with beauty rituals from the kitchens and courtyards of women from different cultures. We have drawn inspiration from countries like India, Japan, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico and Greece. Each product packs in the benefit of an ingredient specific to a country, and popularly used by women from all walks of life.

From celebrated queens like Cleopatra or Noorjehan, to a simple girl in the neighborhood, each has their own beauty secret. I believe that beauty has an innate potential of helping women bond better and empower and support each other. Thus, Global Beauty Secrets is an initiative to rediscover the beauty secrets and rituals of women from around the world.

What are your key elements and products?

GBS is rooted in three key elements – ‘Global’, ‘Natural’ and ‘Woman’ – and the same is aesthetically embedded in the brand logo, with ‘Culture’ being the crux. Our classic range caters to three key categories – Body Care, Face Care and Hair Care. Each product adheres to the highest standard of quality and authenticity as all the ingredients are sourced from natural origins and are 100% vegetarian. Moreover, the product is recyclable and not tested on animals.

How did you, a journalist, turn into a global entrepreneur in the personal care business? Do tell us about your personal journey–

A graduate from Jai Hind College, Mumbai, I pursued my Post Graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Mumbai. After a short stint at The Times of India and CNBC TV 18, I joined the family business in June 2016 as Director of the Aishwarya Group. Soon after being a part of the business, I wanted to diversify into the consumer sector and connect with people directly. In line with my father’s vision of India being the key market, I wanted to give a great deal of diversity to the Indian consumer and offer the world on a platter.

As a woman, beauty came naturally to me. My grandmother, who applied milk and saffron on my face, after performing the Panchamrit ritual, made me realize the fact that beauty came from care and love. I realized that there is a yawning gap in the beauty industry as beauty brands today are only looking at women as consumers and communicators of the brand but women are in fact the creators of beauty rituals across the world.

What are the principles and ethos of the brand? What is way forward for GBS?

One of the most important principles we follow is to instill care in personal care, believing that the journey to becoming beautiful should be beautiful too. We want to communicate the transparency of our vision, honesty towards curating it with love and gratitude. Inclusivity and acceptability of various cultures, ideas, beliefs and values around the world is our key philosophy. The ethos of our brand lies in honesty – not only towards consumers, but also towards our stakeholders. In this world where most brands are worried about business, we are fascinated by the journey to self-sustain and recycle all that we can.

With this vision, we want to enable and empower those we can with what we do, and throw light on women who have worked tirelessly towards crafting timeless beauty traditions. Our compassion and empathy towards our ecosystem also translates into our refusal to test on animals.

— “My grandmother, who applied milk and saffron on my face, after performing the Panchamrit ritual, made me realize the fact that beauty came from care and love.”

–Aishwarya Swarna Nir

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