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Andaman Islands: a compelling collage of colours

Andaman Islands: a compelling collage of colours

In the pandemic-ridden world, travel and tourism has been one of the worst affected sectors. But the industry is picking up the pieces gradually and some destinations are opening up once again, with lots of precautions in place.

Of course, people are still cautious about travelling, for the Covid-19 pandemic is far from over and there is a long road ahead. However, weary souls with itchy feet are slowly beginning to step outside and explore the world with a renewed perspective.

Never before has conscious, responsible tourism been more relevant than now. Travel, but do so keeping in mind the pandemic safety norms and the ecological sensitivity of the place you are visiting.

Here is a photo feature capturing the vibrant colours and vivid charm of the Andaman Islands – with its turquoise waters, white sands, crimson skies and lush greenery. The picturesque islands in the Bay of Bengal are part of an ecologically sensitive region that takes pride in preserving its culture, biodiversity and geographical terrain.

Andamans takes eco-tourism seriously and visitors to the islands would do well to respect and abide by the practices of the place.

  • Tourists are one of the biggest contributors to plastic trash on the planet. Resorts and hotels in the islands encourage guests to avoid bottled water and use the RO water provided on campus.
  • It can get quite hot in the islands, especially in summer, but one must be considerate while using air-conditioning systems and other facilities as power is a big concern in Andaman, and many establishments run on diesel generators.
  • Bicycle rides are preferred to fuel spouting ones. This is a healthy option not just for travellers but for the air too!

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