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Work from home – Five Tips for better productivity

Work from home – Five Tips for better productivity

Todays work from home environment demands everyone of us to have a home office that it is adorable. In the last few months with the lockdown and the pandemic blues, everyone relooked at life , and started creating their own distinct spaces. From a time when work was to be kept away from home, came this era discerningly, and we have to live a life out of home and balance our work. The home office era calls for a little more discipline , hence a physical demarcation helps. Make the working from home experience pleasurable, since we are on zoom calls , video calls, you will want to feel good about your Home work space. Create one that is scalable and sustainable, here are five tips that will help you plan a productive home spot.

  • Ergonomically designed spaces: You must understand that postures are important and home furniture are designed for working comfort, so please get a chair that suits your working needs. Comfort must supercede every other choices. Experience the working comfort and make changes, add a cushion to level up to your need.
  • Charging points : Choose a place that has charging points for your laptop, your printer, also consider charging points for your phones. These multi charging points will add to the joy of working from home. With a multi device regime that reigns us, data banks, chargers all must find a final spot, create a one place for these digital devices.
  • Light it up : Proper lighting helps in integrating home work experiences , if you cant call for the electrician due to covid reasons, place a good table lamp. Working in proper lighting will help you perform at ease.
  • Spruce it green : Add plants around your work area to give a feeling of newness, keep the place energized with indoor plants. Water these plants during your breaks , this will help you break in from the monotony of work creatively. The plants can also be a good source of oxygen and try to work before six, if you have late hour working hours recommend you keep only Tulsi plants around you.
  • Carry your mug into this space :Have accessibility to your Wellness teas, concoctions, your Wellness devices like a neck pillow, Have a kettle by your work spot that will help you consume hot water which is a must have for this covid season. Your coffee mug is that one thing that will give you the office desk feel. Do restock all your Wellness snacks and leave it in your workspace , this will make you mindfully consume.

Written by Hareeni Vipin
Images Powered by Unsplash

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