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3 Indian Ayurvedic Wellness Secrets for gut health

3 Indian Ayurvedic Wellness Secrets for gut health

by LuxuryWellness Team

Indian Ayurvedic practitioners and Siddhars  had always found the gut brain connection, the key to well being is in the intenstine health. The pandemic has put all of our immune systems off track, it is time that  we all focus on gut health.

A mindful meal that has Cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic and asaefodita

The Ayurvedic principle of having food freshly prepared and mixed with various digestive spices helps in maintaining a healthy PH level. The concept of eating locally available and seasonal ingredients also helps in improved digestion and elimination functions. Fresh and seasonal produce not only have great flavour, they also have a better concentration of anti-oxidants, nutrients and life force in them than those which are stored in cold storage. Spices like turmeric, cumin, black cumin, ginger, garlic in balanced quantities in the food is an elixir to gut health.

Fasting and restraint

In Ayurveda, fasting is recommended as a method of cleansing or detoxification. The weight loss is usually a welcome side According to Ayurveda, any food that we consume when the appetite is not strong, and is too heavy for the digestive system to metabolize, One of the major aims of fasting in ayurveda is to eliminate these toxins. Another reason for fasting is to literally give rest to the digestive system.Fasting also helps one regain mental concentration, it supports our meditation and yoga practices.

Incorporating the 6 tastes

Ayurveda recommends a diet which is balanced in all six tastes. The six tastes being sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent. A balanced diet in all six will naturally include all the nutrients and help address our body’s requirements. Today most of our diet is predominantly sweet, sour or salty. The chances of illness are more due to the absence of bitter, astringent and spices, which are healing herbs. Incorporate bitter astringent and spicy food that helps balance the body’s requirement.

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